User Experience and Jimmy Buffet

The latest issue of “Interactions” magazine has an article by an IBM master inventor about what he learned from going to concerts.


Some key words that span both his work (“user experience design”) and festivals:
“end-to-end experience”, “being social”, “attitude”.

And some quotes:

  • “The whole pre-show is like catching up with old friends
    you never knew you had in a familiar place you’ve never visited”.
  • “Jimmy’s product is so consumable. His users identify with it, socialize
    about it, and socialize through it, which transforms everyone’s individual
    experiences into a common shared experience”.
  • “If he didn’t treat his band and employees like family,
    they wouldn’t pour every ounce they have into creating the best product
    they could. He makes everyone passionate about their piece of the product
    they are delivering.”

It’s an interesting example of “worlds meeting”, I think.