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WMDF Opening Live Tour (OLT) June 6 & 7

The Opening Live of this year’s WMDF is on Thu 6th & Fri 7th June:



  • Kumonosu Quartet
  • Zahatorte
  • Hinokiya

Kumonosu Quartet have appeared once at WMDF 002, and we have since been told by many people that they wanted to see more. Here is an example of their work on Youtube:

The above video will show you where the “Cat” theme of the OLT comes from…. More info on Kumonosu at their HP:

Next, we called on Zahatorte, who appeared att WMDF 004 & 005, where many people compared them to Kumonosu Quartet. Take a look at their performance of “Merry Go Round” on YouTube:

Zahatorte intersperse their numbers with comedy and magic corners, and appear to be performing with far more than 3 people on stage. Check out their site:

Hinokiya are our regulars, and WMDF implementers. You can see their digest on YouTube:


The OLT will feature performances at the Small Hall of the Citizens’ Hall and at the Exhibition Room on the same floor.

6 June (Thu)
18:30 Hinokiya(Small Hall)、Zahatorte(Exhibition Room )
20:10 Kumonosu Quartet(Small Hall)、Zahatorte(Exhibition Room)

7 June (Fri)
18:30 Hinokiya(Small Hall)、Kumonosu Quartet(Exhibition Room)
20:00 Zahatorte(Small Hall)、Kumonosu Quartet(Exhibition Room)

There will also be food and drinks booths.

Cost of tickets is 2,000Yen for a one-day ticket (pair tickets are 3,800Yen), JHS to University students are 1,000Yen, and Elementary school students are free when accompanied by adults.
Tickets on the day are 200Yen more expensive, and since there is a strong chance of a sellout, we recommend buying early.

Tickets can be pre-bought at the Citizens’ Concert Hall, as well as other locations around town, including the Harmony Hall in Goryokaku and Cafe Drip Drop on the 1st floor of the Machi-Tsukuri Center. Or buy from Lawson Tickets, L Code 14862.

Enquiries by phone: Hiticocochi@ 0138-51-5727.

First WMDF event for 2013: “Worlds Meet Bar” Apr 7 (Sun)

The sixth international edition of Hakodate’s World Music and Dance Festival, “WMDF 006″, is gearing up. The main festival will be held from Aug 4-11, but  the “pre-event” for 2013 is a party where you can sample beers and cocktails from around the world. It is a “Worlds Meet Bar” where you can encounter many different people and ideas.


We have beers from Portugal, India, Russia, and Czechoslovakia plus cocktails from everywhere! It is a great way to socialise, to have a great time, and to discover something more about the ideas and the philosophy behind WMDF. Hakodate is having a long winter, but the party will be set to summer time, so break out the Hawaiian shirts and shorts!

Entry is free, and all drinks are 500 yen. There is a kids area and lots to do. There is live music too. For a taster, see


Especially, the party is an opportunity for new staff. If you have some interest in WMDF, then come along and enjoy, talk to new people, and meet new worlds.

There is more information (Japanese) at these links, including where you can buy pre-order tickets that give you discounts and special rewards (these are also available from WMDF staff):


「Worlds Meet Bar」

Date:   Apr 7 2013, 17:00〜20:00 (Sun)

Venue:Machi-Tsukuri Center, 2F Free Space (Suehiro-cho 4-19)

Venue HP:  Map :

Travel: Hakodate, Waikiki and New York

Hakodate and Hokkaido have had very long winters this year. But, spring is coming and peoples’ thoughts are turning to travel. The picture below shows how one of Japan’s major shopping sites is promoting its current sale. There’s not much English (common in Japan…) but the four photos show the iconic spring travel thoughts of the Japanese: hot baths, cherry blossoms, and overseas (Hawaii for beaches, New York for cities). The cherry blossoms are illustrated by Hakodate’s star-shaped fort (“Goryokaku”), where the late spring means that the blossoming coincides with the “Golden Week” holiday celebrations. We hope many people from all around the world will come to Hakodate, and not just in spring…


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