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2019, WMDF 012 Passes and Ticketing

Ticketing Types
Type Price Details
Whole Week Sponsor Pass 4,000Yen Access to Motomachi Park for whole week. To secure your pass in advance, purchase an exchange token, pictured above. Actual passes are available at Motomachi Park from Aug 5. Buy from Lawson Tickets. Note that Whole Week Sponsor Passes are strictly limited in number to 999 and are not transferrable. Get your token early to avoid disappointment.
One Day Pass Mon 5 to

Thu 8

1,000YenFri, Sat & Sunday 2,000Yen

One day’s access to Motomachi Park. Available only on the day at Motomachi Park. No reductions at WMDF bars or shop. Numbers may be limited, based on numbers of audience in park. Priority entry goes to Whole Week Sponsor Pass holders.
Genki Pass Free One day’s access to Motomachi Park for Senior High school students and below. Available only on the day at Motomachi Park. No reductions at WMDF bars or shop. Numbers may be limited, based on numbers of audience in park.
MoguFes Coupons 1,000Yen Pay Y1,000 for a set of five coupons worth Y1,100 (you save 100Yen). Coupons valid in all MoguFes booths and WMDF bars/shops throughout Motomachi Park and the Perry Hiroba (Flare Area). All booths also accept cash: WMDF prepares these coupons as an extra bonus for our supporters.

No Pass Required:  the Eudora Stage (every day from Aug 5 – 11),  the Waku Waku Festival and MoguMogu Festival in the Perry Hiroba (Flare Area, Sat & Sun).

Purchasing : Tokens are now available from Lawson Tickets code L-12441, Goryokaku Geijutsu Hall, Cafe Drip Drop (1F of Machi-Tsukuri Center), Cocktail Bar 21, Shohakudo Play Guide, and from WMDF staff. MoguFes Coupons are available at Cafe Drip Drop and from selected WMDF staff. Whole Week Sponsor Passes and MoguFes Coupons may be bought in Motomachi Park, subject to availability.

Token System: Please bring your token to Motomachi Park at any time between Aug 5 and Aug 11. You will receive your official pass and be able to enter the park.

Refunds Policy: Outdoor stages may be cancelled in the event of adverse weather. Announcement will be made on this web site. Please understand that there are no refunds offered in the case of unexpected cancellation.

Pass Rules: Any purchase is for the attendance of one individual at our event. Passes are not transferrable or shareable.

Premium Pass:  You may see audience members wearing a “Premium” pass in Motomachi Park. These are passes WMDF has given to sponsors in return for their support.

Whole Week Sponsor Pass Additional Benefits
Service Benefit Details
WMDF Bar Y100 off Alcoholic drinks
WMDF Shop Reductions  WMDF-produced goods
Moo Moo Taxi 5% off Applies from Jun 22 – Aug 11: Tel. 0138-22-55-66
“Motomachi Bay Area Circular” bus Free Applies from Jun 13 – Aug 11:  Tel: 0138-51-3137

Important Information for WMDF-goers

Festival Etiquette

We are looking forward to welcoming many people to our event. To promote a happy and successful Festival we hope that WMDF-goers will keep in mind:

  • We encourage walking, cycling, or the use of public transport wherever possible.
  • Please, if you drink, don’t drive.
  • We ask you to consider the lines of sight of those around you when taking spaces in the crowd, when using parasols/sunshades/umbrellas, or when carrying children on shoulders. The D in WMDF stands for Dance, so expect that people will sometimes be on their feet. The best place to remain seated is always around the rear and sides of the audience area.
  • WMDF is in principle a smoke-free event. However, there will be some clearly marked smoking areas. If you smoke in these areas, please respect the crowd around you, and dispose of cigarette butts properly.
  • WMDF is staffed by a team of friendly volunteers who are there to help, but please remember that they cannot know every detail of the event and may need to check things occasionally or refer to someone else.

Conditions of Purchase/Entry

We are grateful to everyone who supports our event, especially those who are mindful of the conditions:

  • In 2011, we introduced our “Open Japan” policy to help show the world that the country was recovering from the Great Tohoku Earthquake. We are continuing this policy of encouraging audience members to photograph and video outdoor stage events, and to post online to show to the world. If you like, you can use the hash tag #wmdf. Please be considerate of others when taking pictures and observe the following common sense rules: make sure that no pathways around the stages are obstructed, do not use tripods, as they will affect the view of others, and no flash photography directed at the stage, as it distracts artists and can be dangerous. For videos, we ask audience members to display common sense: we think that around one minute is a fair length to record, and our staff will ask people obviously making recordings longer than this to stop. In general, WMDF reserves on behalf of the artists the exclusive copyright for all photographs and recordings made at any venue, and the above permission to record and use images of stage events excludes any usage that leads to profit-making.
  • For any performance with a no photography policy (still/video) this will be clearly clearly announced and signposted. Anyone seen recording at such performance without permission may have equipment confiscated.
  • No person shall interfere with plants, water fixtures, or any other installation at any of the venues.
  • No unauthorised busking or performing, flyering or pamphleting, or promotion or distribution of goods or brands other than those of WMDF sponsors.
  • There will be no refunds given for lost tickets, for stage cancellations caused by bad weather, or for advance purchase evidence presented after the last day of the event.
  • WMDF events (including “colour” such as audience participation) will be archived by accredited camera crews and photographers. Please be aware that images obtained in this way may be used by WMDF for publicity purposes (both online and in mainstream media). Attendance at any WMDF event indicates acceptance of the “fair use” of your personal image in this way. The entry point for any query about the use of images is email to, user name wmdf.

Lost & Found

In the “Big Here”, things get lost. Our advice is:

  • Please look after your valuables, but if you do lose something, check if it has been handed in at the main reception area of your event. Items unclaimed will be held at the Festival Office in the Machi-Tsukuri Center until 31 Aug (call 0138-23-8560), and then sent to the West Police Station (nishi keisatsu-sho) (call 0138-42-0110).
  • Sometimes groups may be separated. We recommend you organise to meet with children at the main reception area of your event if you do lose each other. If a lost child arrives at the main reception area, our staff will alert festival security.

We wish you all a big, long WMDF.