WMDF Main Event, August

Visual artists, bands, folklore and world music and dance groups from all over the world gather in Hakodate to exchange world culture with each other and with festival-goers over the course of a week.  The Festival is centered on multiple outdoor concert stages in Hakodate Motomachi Park with spectacular views in front of Hakodate Mountain.

2019 Schedule and Map


Click on the image on the right to get a pdf (A3 size) of the Motomachi Park layout with this year’s schedule (Japanese & English). Please feel free to print this out as reference.

2019 Highlights

Main WMDF Stages, Aug 5 – 11, 2019
Atlas Stage


WMDF Main “Atlas” Stage

This stage was the starting point of WMDF as an international event. We wanted to showcase the amazing backdrop of the vista and the history of the  Hakodate Bay Area. The seating area in front of the stage was designed specifically for concerts by designer Kenichi Kimura. We are proud to bring life to this plan. WMDF embodies its “Big Here” theme by naming  our stages after stars. This flagship main stage’s name  “Alas” signifies the Greek legend of “supporting the world” and the concept of  “enduring”.


WMDF Second “Bunda” Stage

Bunda Stage

The audience space in the Bunda area is open and encourages people to dance, dance , dance. This was the second stage area developed by WMDF, and provides a contrasting atmosphere for fans and performers. Both appreciate the different feel of the stage, which is also often used by roving performers such as jugglers and clowns. The naming “Bunda” comes from the Arabic signifying one of the three “luck of luck” stars.

Chara Stage


WMDF “Chara” Stage is up-close

This “at-home” stage is the result of requests from groups and from local performers. Often, large groups that perform on the WMDF main or second stage ask us if there are chances for their members to perform solo, or as smaller groups of just a few people. Until now, the answer was “no”, but the Chara stage changes this. It is flexibly-programmed, so come on the day to find out who is appearing. “Chara” is named not after the Japanese singer, but after the celestial star, which is Greek for “joy”. We hope this stage will please many people.


WMDF “Eudora” Stage

Eudora Stage

The unique backdrop of the “Koukaido” Old Town Hall was recently awarded double stars by the Michelin Green Guide Japan. There is no actual physical stage, so the performers use an intimate space in front of the building, close to the audience. The site is darker than usual, and the lit backdrop gives a unique experience for all. The star name for this stage is “Eudora”, from the Greek for “generosity”, our hope. Entry to this stage requires no pass or ticket, and the stage runs from after 19:30 every night. Please come and sample the WMDF atmosphere!

Around the Main WMDF Stages, Aug 5 – 11, 2019
Atlas Area

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Booths at Atlas Area

Next to the Atlas Stage is the primary area for MouguFes booths. Here you can find some of our most popular foods, usually including Indian curries and nan breads as well as Turkish ice cream (pictured).

Check out the WMDF bar here ,offering discounts for Whole Week Sponsor Pass holders, and many other refreshments.

Bunda Area

3E0_5295 copy

Relaxation Therapy at Bunda

The Bunda area features more MoguFes booths. It was the second area developed by WMDF, and is home to the WMDF Tree. For those who feel the effects of all the revelry, Bunda offers massage to take away the strain (pictured).

Chara Area

3E0_5295 copy

Street Performance at Chara

The area around Motomachi Park’s historic buildings hosts many MoguFes booths and it features frequent performances by WMDF’s roving entertainers. This was the third space developed by WMDF, and is designed to provide a relatively calm location for WMDF-goers to relax while still enjoying the park’s atmosphere. We have also done projection mapping in this area, and used the buildings for workshops. We hope that you can relax happily at Chara.

Deneb Area

3E0_4793 copy

Deneb Area Performance

Regular WMDF-goers know that climbing up above the Atlas Stage rewards you with a special panoramic view of Hakodate’s bay and mountains. To this space, we added decorations, benches, barrel tables and  MoguFes booths. Our roving performers also stepped up to create impromptu stages. The name “Deneb” is from the Arabic for “tail” or “follower”. The star is one of the three that make up the “Summer Triangle”, which South Sea Islanders use to navigate on the open ocean in the Pacific, including reaching Hawaii. Deneb represents WMDF’s goal of guiding many followers to meet many new worlds.

Flare Area

3E0_5295 copy

“Flare” Area runs on Sat & Sun

WMDF keeps growing. Our partners Sports Hokkaido bring you a “Worlds Meet” experience of physical activities: the “Waku Waku Festival”. Walking on Japanese bamboo stilts is not just for the young, but also for the young-at-heart! There is a type of “flare” star that vary their brightness, shining more noticeably for several minutes (our nearest neighbour, Proxima Centauri, is a flare star, see picture). Why not try your own “flare”, and shine for a few minutes in this new WMDF area? We will be developing Flare over several yeas, so be sure to tell us your ideas. Plus, look out for circus performances and street entertainers showing their own flare in this area. Entry to this area requires no pass or ticket. Only on Fri & Sat, from 14:00.

Other August 2019 WMDF Events
3E0_0854Welcome Party, Aug 4

We hold an opening party every year. This event allows staff and main sponsors some time to enjoy with the artists. Groups exchange gifts with the representatives of the mayor and Oshima shoichi.

Pre-Event: Worlds Meet Bar, JuneP-WMB-2016-CC-v02-01

To publicise the WMDF main event and to embody the “Long Now, Big Here” theme, we bring forward the WMDF start date with a “Worlds Meet Bar” in June. You can join us for world cocktails and our signature Mojitos.  Clicking on the image opposite or the following link takes you to the Japanese event blog post, with pictures.