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Second 2018 Staff Meeting

Thanks to all who came to our first meeting at the Machi-tsukuri Center. Great to see many new and many familiar faces. Many nationalities and walks of life, too. These images are of talk session and group photo, but we also went a little of the wall (as usual) playing bingo and practising jingles.

iOS からアップロードされた画像

iOS からアップロードされた画像 (1)
More is to come in our next meeting, where we will be spending much of the time doing
festival preparation work, including making WMDF bags out of T-shirts (yes, you read that right: come along to find out how).

WMDF 2nd Staff Meeting
June 25 (Mon) 18:30-20:30
Place: Hakodate Josei Center(
Please note location is different to 1st meeting
Details: Festival prep work, poster & flier distribution, etc

As usual, we welcome all, including anyone who just wants to come along to take a look.

Hope to see you soon!