Monthly Archives: September 2018

Autumn “Worlds Meet Bar” brings local events together


We hope that Hakodate’s ongoing event season is living up to your expectations! Every year, we have run a “Worlds Meet Bar” in Autumn where people gather to reflect on the summer and to look forward to events still to come (this year and next). Why not join us?

“Worlds Meet” Bar
Date: Sun, Sep 30 from 17:00 to 21:30
Place: Cocktail Bar Concord 21(Hakodate, Honcho 1-42)
Theme: Talk about event experiences, drink world cocktails
Pricing: No cover charge, drinks 500 yen, soft drinks 300 yen (free snack with first drink)
Producers: Words Meet Japan
Inquiries: 0138-52-3815 (WMDF Secretariat)
Other: No advance registration available/necessary


Earthquake Relief: Part any profits of this event will be donated to relief efforts for the Sept 8th earthquake centered around Abira.


Other proceeds will be used to support the transformational social and educational projects of “Worlds Meet Japan” (registered as a non-profit General Incorporated Association).