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006 Artist Profiles: Online Announcement

Overseas artists were announced locally at the Opening Live Tour. WMDF can now make the full first online announcement of this year’s international and in-country artists. Please check out the Artists tab or click on the image below to see complete profiles this year’s amazing line-up. We look forward to meeting many new worlds in Motomachi Park in August.


Opening Live Tour Announces 2013 Artists

This year’s Opening Live Tour (OLT) ran with multiple stages for the first time. WMDF favourites Zahatorte and Kumonosu Quartet wowed veterans and newcomers alike, supported by regulars Hinokiya.

Zahatorte @ OLT


This was also the time for us to announce the international artists for this summer’s WMDF in August. Posters and fliers were given to all customers.

Please check online over the next few days for the general release.

06 OLT WMDF 0062

As well as the great music, Kumonosu and Zahatorte were generous enough to say a few kind words about our summer event. Sample comments:

“WMDF is the most enjoyable festival in Japan!”

“We are not booked at the beginning of August, so we might just come and watch!”

“We want to drink from mid-day”.

You too can join in at the outdoor stages in Motomachi Park from Aug 5 to Aug 10.

OLT starts on Thurs. We have Food Booths!


This year’s WMDF kicks off with the 「Opening Live Tour」on Thursday and Friday, and we have a mini WMDF food court  featuring three Hakodate shops. They are popular regulars at our summer MoguFes:

Please come along and enjoy a mini-WMDF taster. The overseas groups for 2013 will also be formally announced live by Ian, and you can pick up the first WMDF 006 fliers, posters, and goods. Get the T-shirt!

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