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The Rise of Sienna Hotel

Staff gathered to resurrect the Sienna Hotel in Motomachi

WMDF sends thanks to the hotel owners, who have turned over the building to us for the duration of the Festival. Our staff cleaned and prepared all the rooms.

WMDF is very happy bring life to Hakodate in this way. Committee members celebrated by ummm, holding a meeting…..

Hakodate pageant)

Hello, everyone. This is Nami, a member of WMDF staff. How have you been?
We celebrated the 150th anniversary of opening port on July 1st.
I attended the ceremony and thoght that we should appreciate what people have done and make new Hakodate.
Hakodate pageant(outdoor play) started in Goryokaku park yesterday.
Before the play, we gave our leaflets out, Hinokiya played music and Ian(the chairman) gave a speech.
Then, we watched the play.
I organize some events in Hakodate, so I think it’s good to go to other events.

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