Monthly Archives: April 2009

Many people came to gather for the WMDF staff meeting

Many people came to gather for the WMDF staff meeting this time.
Some university students and more about 7 people became a new staff.
What a good news!
The Opening Live Tour of the WMDF will held soon. So, Mr. Takuma Fukuda called the roll for the “Kick-off Live” (Opening live tour from Hakodate, Aomori, Imagane, Mori machi, and to Minamikayabe). In consequence, many staff members would go to the several places to support the LIVE. Sound great!! Thanks to all.

The Chief Ian Frank ‘s session 〜 “Long Now” & “Big Here” 〜
His unique customary story was exchanged with the WMDF. He showed us the wristwatch only displayed NOW, used the 1L barley-tea, and Big Frisk (FRISK)etc… to feel the “Long Now” & “Big Here”.  Thanks Ian.
At the end, we had recruited the staff whom in charge of overseas artists. Ten people besides the staff helped performers last year would be in charge. We still NEED the Staff. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about the “Shutuensya Gakari” to Mino (a staff member from last year).

4/22 Staff Meeting

This is an annoucement for the WMDF 2009 staff.
We are going to have a staff meeting on April 22, Wednesday,
from 7p.m. to 9p.m. at the Meeting Room A of the Machizukuri Center 3F.
This meeting is open to anyone wishing to participate in the event.
Please feel free to come and join us!