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WMDF Slideshow @ FUN


With the academic year just starting in Japan, there is a feeling of new potential. WMDF visited Future University Hakodate to present a slideshow about our activities. This is the first time that we have toured our event in this way, but the increasing scale of our festival means that we need more staff.
GIA representatives were Ian and Takuma, who gave an outline of our work, the possible roles for staff, and fielded questions. Thanks to all those who attended, and especially to those who filled in the forms to apply as new staff members!

We are planning to carry out similar explanation meetings at other places in town. If you would like us to visit your organisation, just let us know. Initially, we will focus on universities, as we believe that we have an obligation to provide new experiences for the next generation. We are also looking  to recruit “WMDF Representatives” at institutions around town. These people would forward information mails from WMDF within their organisations. The load is not high (a few emails per year), but we believe that it is important to involve all levels of the town.

More details on working as WMDF staff (J)

First Staff Meeting of 2013 on April 25!

Hakodate is slowly emerging from winter, but it is cold. WMDF hopes you are all keeping warm.

We are holding our first “Staff Meeting” , at the Machi-Tsukuri Center on April 25th from 19:00. The meeting is for existing staff, and for people with an interest in WMDF. We encourage observers, and there is no prior appointment necessary.


006 WMDF “Staff Meeting”
Time:25 Apr (Thu) 19:00-21:00
Place:Hakodate Machi-Tsukuri Center
Contents:Introductions, prepartations for Opening Live Tour, making t-shirts, other tasks
Produced by: “Worlds Meet Japan” General Incorportated Association (non-profit)
Contact: 0138-51-5727

WMB Event Opens the Year

Thanks to all who turned up to make the “Worlds Meet Bar” a successful start to WMDF 006. We unveiled the Opening Live Tour posters, and you will now start to see them going up around town. 
Staff meetings and presentations at the universities around town will start from next week. 2013 has started. See you soon!
WMB 2013

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