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WMDF 007 Park Layout and Schedule Announcement


Thank to all their support of WMDF. We have now published the final event layout map of Motomachi park and running schedule for WMDF 007. You can download a pdf by clicking the above picture or by downloading from the Events page. You are free to save as a data file or to print. Please notice that WMDF reserves the right to change details without notice.

Also, we regret to announce a couple of overseas group cancellations. “Toques do Caramulo” from Portugal and “El Sharkia Folk Troupe” from Egypt will finally not be able to attend WMDF 007. WMDF does its very best to work with its overseas collaborators every year, but please accept that sometimes problems will be inevitable. We are still looking forward to a bumper event in August!.

Thanks x 1000


Well, we have reached 1000 Facebook “likes” . Thanks much to all our supporters. We are making more and more plans for 2014, and we think you will have  a fantastic time. We very much appreciate all the feedback, and we will try to make the largest and most varied international event in Japan this year. 2000 Likes is our next target…

Waku Waku Meet

We are progressing with our plans to add a physical activity “Waku Waku Festival”
to our event. We met with “Sports Hokkaido” to plan the booths that we will run in
the Perry Hiroba “Flare” area. We think you are going to have a very energetic time…


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