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Day 6: Biggest Crowd Yet

We filled the park! Thanks to all. There were many, many highlights, but to pick just a couple, check out these pictures of the East and West meeting of worlds on Atlas stage and the crowd being wowed by BhogiYogi Ananda  Express on Bunda stage. There is a chance to catch both acts again on the final day, so celebrate Japan’s first “Yaman no Hi” (Mountain Day) national holiday with us on Hakodate Yama.



WMDF also took its first step into the world of Virtual Reality. At the entrance of the park there is  a corner where audience members can experience a video tour of our entire park, and see a full 360 degrees both left and right and up and down as they go along. Why not come down for the  closing day to try it out? Last call, last call, this is the  final chance this year…


Photos by Glaretone  (

Staff Meeting-Dec. 17th

Hello, everyone!!

We had a staff meeting on December 17th, Wednesday.

About 30 staff attended the meeting.

We enjoyed eating, talking, and watching videos sent by some artists who want to join WMDF next year.

Christmas is just around the corner.

We made our SPECIAL CHRISTMAS TREE with paper and ornaments!

See? It looks funny, doesn’t it?

We had a wonderful time.

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スタッフミーティングのご案内 – Staff meeting Info.


:日時 2009/1/27(火)19:00-21:00
:会場 まちづくりセンター3F会議室A
:対象 スタッフ全員・スタッフ希望者
:議題 スポンサーパスの特典まとめ、芸術祭内容の整理、ほか

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