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Staff Meeting: A Busy Two Hours

Hello WMDF followers and staff. Just a quick report on the staff meeting on 30th May: Work, work, work, connect, connect, connect, prepare, prepare, prepare.

We started by making three thousand one day passes. It’s the kind of work that is terrible by yourself, but actually fun if people are gathered together.

IMG_4405rNext, we split into multiple groups. One group concentrated on getting new staff up to speed on the logistics of the Opening Live Tour: reception, goods, drinks, artist care, security. Another focused on the data entry and translation of information for this year’s MoguFes and WMDF artists, which will be announced on the web at the end of this year’s OLT. Finally, a group focussed on adding character to the OLT with custom bow neck-ties….
Please look forward to it! This time, there were dozens of new staff members from the student population of Kyouiku-dai. Thank you! We hope you will have a good time at WMDF.

IMG_4404rWell, it was a busy couple of hours. We hope that new staff and regulars alike could get something new and enjoy. WMDF will try to build on these experiences to create something unique in Japan. See you at this year’s events. As always, the The WMDF Staff Opportunities Page is here.

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