Final Day Beats

The final day on which we almost canceled.

The rain that fell just after we started made us quite anxious.

However, many people came to Motomachi park with umbrella or rain wear.
Thank you all very much!

Atlas stage seats were decorated with various, colorful umbrella and raincoats.
Visitors cheered us up to fight against rain.

The closer the night came, the more people came too. Roads were fully filled up!

Many shops had a long line before them constantly, so screams of joy rose simultaneously.

After having yummy foods, it’s time to enjoy performances!
Every stage got super energetic with the heats of visitors and artists.

But as stages moved on and as the park got lit up, we began to feel kind of sad.
Finally, the time to have closing ceremony had come…

Until then, we just had light rain.
As soon as we began the ceremony, suddenly rain got heavier and stronger.
It was like the rain represented our sorrow.

But no one, no visitors and no artists, cared about the rain nor got sad.
Because we’d enjoyed everything from the beginning to the very final performances.
The 10th WMDF finished with dances and cheers.

The lights of lanterns at the park would lead us to the next WMDF.

Please look forward to the next year.
I hope you all will have good days until then!

Thank you very much, everyone.

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