Just one day to go: Don’t miss your chance


The 6th day of WMDF.

Though clouds and frequent rain made us worried, we are happy we could successfully run the festival today too after all.
In addition, ticket counter had a long line of visitors even before the gate opened. It made us happy too.

Those who came so early wanted to see certain artists for sure. They got good seats 30 minutes before performances began.

Before performances, there was a surprise by Cyappy!
Miraculously this time, it only once to bring him on stage.
Elementary school kids at seats made this miracle happen by calling him hard and cheerfully.
Thanks to all kids for making the stage more exciting!

Kenzan who performed in Chara area filled the stage with children’s cheers.
His cute character called and brought people there, one after another.
During his show, audiences cheered and threw him voices according to his rhythm. The stage was full of excitements!
Even Bald Yamada was dancing joyfully down there because of Kenzan’s nice performance.

Corona sessions played their music in Bunda area.
Everyone raised their arm energetically yelling “Ageha Hakodate!!” together.
In response to audiences’ heat, Corona sessions got super thrilled! Together they all made a little chilly and windy Motomachi park hot and comfortable.

WMDF was amazing and exciting today too!
There is only more one day you can see impressive performances.
As well as performances, you have only one more day to enjoy yummy foods and drinks of Mogu-fes.
Please make sure to enjoy the final day and don’t leave anything fun behind.
I hope you’ll get lots of nice memories and meet worlds in Motomachi park tomorrow.