See you again!

The 10th WMDF finished at last.

Weathers weren’t so good. Thanks to Teru teru bozu for protecting us.

Of course, we have a lot more to say thank to.

First of all, thanks very much to all the artists who came to Hakodate having long flights.

Your performances which we usually can’t see in Hakodate were really fantastic.

Thanks to artists who came from all around Japan to weirdly cold Hakodate even in this mid-summer.

We enjoyed your unique performances, reunion at the stages in one year, funny MC, and so on.

We’re thankful to shop owners for offering us nice foods and drinks.

Without you, we couldn’t fully enjoy music and dance. Thanks to your foods, we could have kept energetic.

Thanks to booth staffs for making us have lots of fun with relaxation, workshops and various goods.

The cute goods and experiences we can’t have in everyday life made us excited physically but also mentally.

We’re so grateful to volunteer staffs for the support during the festival.
Your hard works really shape our WMDF. Not only artists, but also lots of people appreciate your help.

Finally, Thanks to every visitor for coming to Motomachi park.
Your will to enjoy WMDF and your power to make WMDF more lively helped us finish the 10th successfully.

As soon as we finish the 10th WMDF, we begin preparation for the next: 11th.

We hope to have a good festival with the support from visitors, artists, shop and booth owners, and volunteer staffs, next year too.

See you next year at Motomachi park again!