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Online Planning Meeting

meeting-1020146_1280Although Hokkaido was released from any movement and gathering restrictions, WMDF is going to try its first online planning meeting of Core members. We suppose it is a small positive progress for us from a bad situation.

We would like to thank all the people from around the world who have been in contact with us recently. With the news changing so fast, it is hard to know what to say to everybody. We just really hope for the health of the world.

For events, it is now clear that Olympics due for 2020 in Tokyo will be delayed until at least 2021. With these kind of huge changes, it is difficult to think about WMDF, but we have a little more time to make our decision together. Many locals have told us that WMDF is the thing they look forward most each year. We will do our best!

By the way, we really liked an article we found on the Washington Post, which uses graphics to illustrate the importance of social distancing. Click on the image below, and please stay safe, everybody.


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012 Closing

The last performance of the Atlas stage was Russia


Filled to the staircases with applause and cheers.

Do you see the “cycle”?

We repeated audience picture of last year.


Like a cycle race, there were tailwindsheadwindsmountains and valleys.


Thanks to all, we made the Finish.


The MoguFes filled the stomachs and the minds and the bags of the audience.


And WakuFes fun filled kids. 


And adults


Thank you so much!

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Gemini Front Row

Farewell to 2019’s new stage.

Gemini became a great place to enjoy performances within a meter of the artists.


Already our audience pick out their seats early.

Yui George’s fans were rewarded on this last day.

Please enjoy to the end.

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