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Still Night Sunny Mountain Beach

A clear singing voice resonates.

From the stage, a Bossa Nova rhythm takes you to a beach in summer.

Flor Trio arrived yesterday. and leave us again too soon.

フルール Feed your body on the way to the next stage.

You are in the Andean mountains of Ecuador. And you are dancing.エクアドル

Just two days left for these moments… Bring others.

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Day 5 Sunset Sky

Motomachi Park stages are still hot. 

Accordion, soprano saxophone and vocals on Bunda.  

The audience show their Lithuanian side.


Fan favourites “Zahatorte” return.

It is now six times since 2011.

They fill the Atlas stage in front of the night view. 

They bring a little magic.


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Three Days Left: Aug 9 Full Schedule

A night of typhoon winds.

We repaired Motomachi Park.

Broken flagpoles and toppled signs.

Everything is securely fixed.

Drying out in the sun.


So many people even in bad weather.

We completed a full schedule.

Extreme skill in the wet.


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