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Last night, we sold the final Whole Week Sponsor Passes.

A special thanks.


There are 999 passes every year.

We think buying early is good.

Kids, they go free.


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Day6 Is Here and Is Not

Motomachi Park fills more and more.

At the startthe weather remains uneasy.

The clouds become thinner and the wind feels weaker.

A new style from the Philippines.

The audience cheer on the acrobatic skills of brave men.

Supported by female dancers. Supple to the fingertips.


Does a story stir your imagination?

You are still here. You are touching the real. But you are not.

The talk and techniques are rolled out. One after another.


Tomorrow is the last day.


But lonely…

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Day6 Central Heating

After yesterday, a chill.

Warm the body with food and drink, song and dance.

And with laughter.


Motomachi Park is cloudy.

Mt. Hakodate is covered in fog.

But there is no rain.

Some Festival founders are on stage.


The crowd will remember.


Today’s stage continues ☆

What is waiting for you at Motomachi Park?

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