008 International Group Profile: Bangladesh

This week, we continue our announcements of international groups.  Today we bring you a WMDF first: a Bangladesh dance experience. WMDF aims to change peoples’ perspectives of space and time, so we really hope you will take this chance to encounter this historic and important culture.

Kathak Dance Community


“Kathak Dance Community” (KDC) was established in 1990 by Nrittyaguru Saju Ahmed, who has a Kathak Classical Dance history of over 35 years, including the completion of the seven-year specialisation of the ‘Kathak’ Dance teaching & training course of Dance Maestro Pandit Birju Maharaz. KDC has taken part in many different national and international festivals around the world, and has also been featured in numerous TV shows. Presently, KDC is experimenting with various productions based on the classical movements of the Kathak traditional dance form, in pieces such as “The Silence of Spring”, “The Beauty of Rain”, “Love on a Moonlit Night”, and “Rhythm of Victory”.


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