008 International Group Profile: United Kingdom

ToozaliiVisual arts and contribution to the community are hugely important parts of our event. A great example of these goals is the flags we have seen for the last few years in and around Motomachi Park. Started as a project in response to the Tsunami and Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster in 2011, these flags have made significant connections between Japan and the UK. This WMDF blog post coincides with the start of a ten-day installation at the historic Salisbury Cathedral.

Now it’s just forty days until WMDF. Toozalii sent us this picture of them sharing the countdown around the world. Look at the top of the picture and you will see that they even live at: number 40! Check back here for more countdown profiles next week.

Toozalii International Community Artists


Toozalii use many different art forms to enable and to provide social inclusion workshops for minority groups within mainstream arts events around the world. For example, take a look at the flags in Motomachi Park, created from designs made in our own WMDF workshops and other places in Hakodate. In the last year, these flags have been exhibited at many locations around the UK, with a total audience of over 100,000 people! Toozalii have also been known to show off their varied skills in the projection mapping in the Chara area, and many other cool bits of WMDF.


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