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Make sure to beat the typhoon by coming today

While the weather report for today looks beautiful – tomorrow looks less promising.


It seems we have a raging typhoon coming towards us which might hit the shores of Hakodate on Sunday. The decision whether to run tomorrow’s event or not will be announced around 13:00 on the blog.

Stay tuned – and make sure to come out today so you don’t miss out on the brand new Waku Waku Festival!
Come early and in good mood – we’ve been getting 5000-7000 hits pr day on the web, so it might be crowded.

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Day 3 Atmosphere…

IMG_3195The trumpet man blows his horn to the entertainment of his audience – producing melodies from all over the world. Throughout, the festival grounds resound with well-known tunes such as the Evangelion theme song (anime) ‘Zankoku na tenshi no you ni’ and Frozen hit (Disney) ‘Let it go’. Be it Japanese, English or something entirely different, WMDF’s trumpet man is always up for a challenge – festival goers too are more than welcome to challenge the trumpet man for a showdown.
The weather has certainly been a challenge this year but that hasn’t stopped people from turning up for a bit of festive globetrotting at WMDF. Today was yet another one of our lucky days. While the morning (again) brought rain and rough showers, the afternoon and evening (again) stayed mostly clear for the ranks of assembled festival-goers, staff and performers.
International or not, the success of any festival depends on the efforts of all participants. Cooperative effort is the main reason that WMDF manages to maintain a good festival atmosphere year after year. For example, the Gomi Project stations around the park allow our staff tohelp festival-goers sort their trash and also share a word. Our silver statue, equipped with broom and all, also provides a friendly reminder. While this statue seems rock hard and immovable, you might be lucky to catch him on the move.

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