2nd Day A Success

The first day of WMDF brought unexpected audience numbers despite the requirement to purchase a pass for entry. The second day built on the first, filling the park even more. After two days of our new system, all staff are becoming more adept at handling the change, and we are improving many of the small-but-important details of our site. For example, we added new roving performance both in the park and outside the main gate (see picture of pipe organ below), and we tried projection mapping for the first time (also pictured). The main Atlas stage was closed by Sisay, who are now heading further north for a tour of Hokkaido: we hope that they (and also us) will meet many new worlds!

(Photos by Glaretone)





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One thought on “2nd Day A Success

  1. BP Palmer

    this is bongi palmer from Sibebe cultural group in south africa RSA…we would like to show up our best side in our multi cultural performences,in one of your festival…we believe that we are the best on stage in the country…and we would like to get the opotunity to visit your place and intertain the world….what are the proceedurs?

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