Staff Recruitment Continues @ Kyoiku-Dai

CA390073rWe continued our recruitment drive to match staff numbers with event scale by going to Kyoiku-Dai to give a lunchtime talk. As with our Previous talk at FUN, existing WMDF staff volunteers did a great job at publicising the event, so we had a full room. WMDF “Boss” Ian Frank led the session, and note-takers abounded.

We distributed staff signup forms at the meeting and already received many back. Thank you! Anyone who wants to join our recruitment drive can download the form (J) only and send it to us.

For people interested in things such as international exchange, revitalising the local community, space design, putting their own skills to the test in practice, and learning from experience, WMDF offers a platform and an opportunity without rival. Please join us!

Next staff meeting: 30 May.

2 thoughts on “Staff Recruitment Continues @ Kyoiku-Dai

  1. 相原みわ

    今日の説明会、ありがとうございました。思っていたよりも人が集まったような….ホッとしています(^ ^)

  2. Secretariat Post author


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