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Day4: Hot!


This was our “nakabi”: the “middle day”, with three days gone and three days to go. Maybe the record 33 degree temperatures have affected us, but we marked the day with our first Street Performers’ Parade, creating a combination of talents we are sure has never been seen before!

For the second half of the festival a whole new raft of street performers will be wowing Motomachi Park, so make a space in your schedule.

The main Atlas stage in Motomachi Park was closed in style by Senegalese-Tokyo collaboration Afro Begue. It’s not just the temperatures that are rising this year… Our dance fans were pulled onto the stage to give them an experience to remember.Three more days: what new worlds will you meet? 元町公園で世界にに出会う!


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Day 3: WakuFes closes with Sweets Shower


The Waku Waku festival ran for two days in the heat, so great exercise was had by all. It was closed by the Festival Director and Artistic Director throwing sweets over the crowd below. The way the forecast is looking, this may be the only shower at our event!

We also had our first parade of the year, with the marching band from Calw winding through the crowds at the Atlas area. On Monday, we have  a street performers’ parade that also features a host of our other resident entertainers. It starts at 16:25, so hurry down to the Park.


We are collecting audience feedback towards creating a bumper tenth anniversary, so if you are in the park, please write on one of the cards at the WMDF shop. We keep all the suggestions, and select some to display at the park gate. Try your hand at something artistic to get your name displayed! If you are not in the park, please use our feedback page.


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Day 2 & WMDF is Warming Up!

Thanks to all who came to enjoy the great weather in Motomachi Park! What a perfect day. what a collection of entertainment, and what a great audience.

The forecast is also great for tomorrow, but it will be very hot, so please drink lots of fluids, especially if you are dancing. Fortunately, the MoguFes booths offer you a huge choice of refreshments! The second day of physical activities in the Flare area closes the WakuFes, so don’t miss your chance to get some fun exercise.

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