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Artist & Staff T-shirts

Thanks to our sponsors,, Apparel ShokuFuku Kyoukai, we took delivery of a consignment of staff T-shirts and artist T-shirts. It’s the first time that our staff have been able to get official T-shirts without paying, so it’s very good for staff spirit. Our volunteers at the final meeting can be seen modelling the staff version of the T-shirt below. The artist version of the shirt is white, and will no doubt be visible around Motomachi Park from Aug 5.


First International Artists Arrive

WMDF is underway! Our first international artists, stalwarts Toozalii Community artists, are in Hakodate and will be covering Motomachi Park and the Perry Hiroba with flags over the next two days. They are seen below at Hakodate’s tourist spot the Trappistine Convent. The main WMDF event is coming very soon, and the weather forecast looks good, so get ready for some serious festival action.


WMDF Expands to Full Size

This weekend, WMDF expands to its fullest size, with the main WMDF festival running alongside both MoguFes and WakuFes for the entire weekend.  Many artists from all over the world will be performing, for example America, India, Lithuania, Bangladesh, and Ukraine. We also bring you a huge variety of many genres of Japanese performers.

The weather is great, so come down and enjoy the performances in the Park, while  trying out the foreign foods and drinks!

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