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Waku Waku Festival, Flare Area (Perry Hiroba), Eudora Stage Closed

With regret, we announce the cancellation of the Waku Waku Festival for today. We hope you all took the chance to enjoy it yesterday!

Also, this evening’s Eudora stage performance (Thailand) is cancelled.


So, WMDF will be concentrated in the actual grounds of Motomachi Park. All stage changes will be clearly announced by MCs and at the information centre in the park.

WMDF offers a unique chance to meet the cultures of the world. Maybe a little rain and wind is a part of this….

At the moment, we are running with street performers and MoguFes booths.

#WMDF puts safety first. If at any time the safety of audience, performers or staff is even slightly compromised, we will suspend or cancel proceedings.

This Could be a Wet and Windy Last Day

For a change, here is a screen capture from a different weather site!


It doesn’t look particularly good, but WMDF will be running on Aug 10. Please note:

  • The decision on the Perry Hiroba (Flare area) is not made yet.
  • WMDF reserves the right to cancel stages or abandon the event.
  • In the case of changes, please understand that there are no refunds of any sort.
  • We will be doing our utmost to ensure safety in the wind. Please be careful around the site.
  • It may be colder than recently today: please prepare for the weather.

Day 5 Getting closer to the end



A drama unfolds; but unlike most dramas this one does not take place on stage or a set. There are no actors or lines or lights to be processed, cut and edited for broadcast at some distant point in time and space. This drama takes place in front of the stage, right in front of the spectators; and here they come face to face with a once forgotten legend: the storyteller.
The kamishibai performer presents picture scroll upon picture scroll, each picture telling a unique story of their own. His stories may us lend a clue about the nature of the rising wind and its plan for the tomorrow’s WMDF – but we won’t know until the last board has been drawn.
His craft too tells a wondrous story of its own. The simple yet sophisticated technique with which he spellbinds his audience is practice which belongs to the past just as much as it does to the present.
Night five and the music is still running from the park and into the streets of Hakodate. We’ll soon know if it does tomorrow as well.


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