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Opening Live♪

Hello, everyone!
We had an opening concert at Hakodate Geijyutu Hall on May 28th, Thursday.
Thank you for coming to the concert.

Hinokiya(from Hakodate), Chi Bulgoude&Miho(from Mongolia&Japan) and Tonfa&Taimin(from Taiwan) performed yesterday.
Their performances were all wonderful!!

We had a meeting with performers before the concert.

We sold WMDF original T-shirts and pins.

You can choose white, blue or salmon pink(only for women).

It’s allowed to take photos after the concert.

Ian(WMDF chairman)&Taimin(from Taiwan)

Ian tried Taimin’s hat.
It looks heavy, doesn’t it?
I heard the hat is made of pigs, eagles and so on.

Thank you very much for coming to the concert and reading this blog.
See you then♪

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