The New Influenza Virus

Our WMDF organising committee opens to the public the steps to deal with the new influenza virus in each our event.

The New Influenza Virus
May 20, 2009
The organizing committee of the WMDF in Hakodate
Chairman: Ian Flank

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding of our World Music and Dance Festival. Now the new influenza virus spread by person-to-person. Here is the statement for our coming each event.


I. “Opening Live Tour” from May 28 to June 7, 2009
1) To whom it may concern: Staff and Artists
The staff and artists should stay home or hotel during the time of epidemic.
For the apparance of the Artists would be judged stricter than usual.

2) Audience
a. If those symptoms are shown, we might ask you to leave.
cough, runny nose, high fever, listlessness, headache, muscle pain.
b. Wash your hands and mouth frequently
c. Inform our staff when you feel sick and/or find a sick person.
d. Every time you come home from outside, please wash your hands and mouth.

3)Emergency Contact
Fever Consultation Center (City Health Center)
TEL: 0138-32-1539 (9am-9pm)

4)The New Influenza Virus Information
Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare Hotline
TEL: 03-3501-9031(9am-9pm)

II. For each WMDF event from August 7 to 13
If the new influenza virus still prevalent until the WMDF, our organizing committee will announce a guideline to the public a month in advance of the WMDF 2009.

Thank you