Staff Meeting-May 12th

Hello everyone!!
We had a staff meeting on May 12th at Machizukuri center.

We divide into three teams, the sponsor pass team, the advertisement team and the donation team,
and prepare for the festival.
I’m in the advertisement team.
What do you think of “The Advertisement Team”?
To go to TV or Radio stations and say hello to everyone in Japan?
or to give leaflets out in front of the station?
Actually, we are designing original goods, for example T-shirts, pins and so on.
Mmm, I guess we should change the team name to “Goods Team”.

We have “Opening Live” on May 28th at Geijyutsu hall in Goryokaku.
You can buy original goods there.
We are working on making goods very hard.
Wear “the WMDF original T-shirt”and enjoy the opening live!

Next meeting is on May 26th, Tuesday.
Please come and join us.

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