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Every Day For a Week

Although you are reading our English blog, here is a something our Japanese staff said today “毎回・毎日を新しいスタートだと思っています”. The rough translation “Every day, every day is a new start.” To really feel that every day for the next week, come to Motomachi Park.World artists, food, new encounters and more are waiting for you!

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Welcome 011

WMDF staff attired in yukata mingled with world artists, Japanese artists and WMDF supporters. They witnessed WMDF’s first live Japanese calligraphy performance, delivered by traditionally clad students from Hakodate’s Nishi-Kou school.


Thanks to Hakodate’s mayor’s representative for exchanging gifts with overseas groups, to Tune Hakodate for letting us transform their lobby, and to Poke Dish for cooking up a storm with all the veggies and ingredients our staff collected from local farms. We hope the party has provided the energy everyone needs for opening Motomachi Park in style tomorrow.

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That Weather Question…

Japan has been having some record-breaking weather this year. Now, WMDF-goers are checking the online weather sites to see what the coming week holds. We have made our annual offering to the weather gods on the WMDF Tree. They are “teru teru bōzu” handmade dolls. In Japanese, “teru” means “shine” and “bōzu” is a “monk”. They are a kind of talisman with magical powers. Our WMDF staff made these this year and imbued them with their strong spirit. We believe in their supernatural ability to bring the best weather and to prevent all other kinds of weather from coming. Please believe in them too!


Motomachi Park Setup in progress at WMDF Tree, Aug 03, 2018

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