Day 3

The third day of WMDF.

We were wondering how the coming typhoon would be going.
Then, we held a workshop to make Teru teru bozu!

Thanks all to visitors who joined and artits helped us make Teru teru bozu.
Mr. Teru teru bozu, please protect us from the typhoon and bad weather until WMDF ends.

“Dos Sones de Corazones cheerfully” made us forget about the concerns about weather.

They play Cuban music really good, so they even go to Cuba to do their performance.

They showed authentic Cuban music with their lively rhythms and singing.

In contrast to their fully bright music, German group, “La Bicicleta” played calm and emotional Tango originated from northern hemisphere.
Their passion which can be seen in the melancholic melody made people attracted.

Those two groups seem to play completely different kinds of music, but actually they have a something big in common.
That is, their music naturally make people dance.

People who were listening began to dance one after another. The view people freely expressed their feeling of joy reminded us of the essence of WMDF. It was splendid time.

Every artist who played on stages made us think music has a power to excite and attract people’s heart

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