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Setting up the Circus

1930s-circusBefore radio was widespread, and before the television was even invented there was the circus! The 1930s USA circuses were the biggest entertainment industry in the world. WMDF’s circus is not as big the image to the right, from the U.S. national  archives. But it still is going to take some setting up. Care to help us?

Over the coming couple of weeks, there are many chances to join in. Here are the main dates:

  • Wed 10 Jun: Staff meeting, from 18:00 to 21:00. Meet at Motomachi Park first at 18:00 to do some greetings around local houses. Then, the actual meeting starts at Moto-machi Kaikan  from 19:00 (first time staff OK!)
  • Wed 10 Jun: Core and GIA meetings start from 15:00 and 16:00, also at the Machi-Tsukuri Centre. Observation is OK if you let us know in advance.
  • Thu 11 Jun: Putting up tents in Motomachi Park. 9:00am to 17:00. We realise this is hard work, so we offer some food and some financial reward for your efforts.
  • Fri 12 June: Putting up the teepee and Mongolian Geru in Motomachi Park. Again, we offer financial reward and bento box for these efforts.
  • Sat 13 June & Sun 14 June: Take part as staff! The event is designed to provide staff with an easy learning curve for the main event in August. If you have an interest in being new staff in August but not so much time in June, at least come down and look at the site.
  • Mon 15 June: tent takedown from 9:00 to 17:00, again with financial reward and bento boxes.
  • Thu 18 June: Staff social to celebrate. 20:00pm. Venue is announced at staff meetings and on staff email, but not on these web pages.

Roll up, Roll up, all the fun of the fair!

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