WMDF Setting up For Day 5 on Fri

The heavy overnight rain has cleared enough for us to run this Friday. Thanks for all your calls and inquiries. Please note:

  • There may be schedule changes. Already, we can announce that the Atlas stage performance of Hinokiya will be at 18:15, and Nakano Nanazumai Hozonkai will be at 20:20 (these two performances are swapped from the original schedule).
  • There may be stage cancellations due to electrical problems caused by the amount of rainfall.
  • Some MoguFes booths may not run today.
  • Audience members are asked to take special care of their footing in the park.
  • We recommend that people bring towels, or materials to dry seating surfaces.
  • Further announcements of schedule changes may be made in the park.

Thanks for your support!

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