Special for WMDF 006: Yasushi Harada workshop!


Behind the Information Center at the WMDF’s main gate, there is a “Drop-in Workshops and Kid’s Area”. This year, we have a special first-time production by designer Yasushi Harada: you can express something about your experience of our event by making a simple drawing.

The images made by many people to illustrate their impressions or their favourite WMDF locations will be collected together and displayed on a large folding screen with a background of Hakodate City. Many people’s experiences of many different Hakodates will be gathered together in one display. (This workshop is part of WMDF’s “Outreach” Program: Harada-san is also a professor at Future University Hakodate).

The workshop is on the final day only (Sat Aug 10). Anyone from adults to children can take part, so please come along and be a part of starting a new tradition.

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