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WMDF on Japanese National TV

On Aug 18, TV Tokyo showed an interview with the leader of WMDF’s “Hanafubuki” as part of its program Why did you come to Japan?”. The caption below says “I came to Japan to perform at the Festival in Hakodate”.


The program showed a still of their performance at the Bunda stage, with the description “Rock-style band appeals through eccentric performances”.


Uchronie’s performance is also on the WMDF Official Channel, so please check it out.

WMDF’s reputation continues to grow in Japan and beyond. Please help keep the word spreading!


WMDF 007 Park Layout and Schedule Announcement


Thank to all their support of WMDF. We have now published the final event layout map of Motomachi park and running schedule for WMDF 007. You can download a pdf by clicking the above picture or by downloading from the Events page. You are free to save as a data file or to print. Please notice that WMDF reserves the right to change details without notice.

Also, we regret to announce a couple of overseas group cancellations. “Toques do Caramulo” from Portugal and “El Sharkia Folk Troupe” from Egypt will finally not be able to attend WMDF 007. WMDF does its very best to work with its overseas collaborators every year, but please accept that sometimes problems will be inevitable. We are still looking forward to a bumper event in August!.

Staff Meetings Running Again

Hello everyone. Hakodate is getting warmer, but the cold wind is still coming from the mountains… Please take care of your health..

芸術祭スタッフミーティングSo, we are sure that everyone is busy with the beginning of the new financial year. Ourselves, we have been working hard planning, fundraising, and presenting our event at universities, and now we are holding our first WMDF staff meeting for the 007 event. We hope to see veteran staff from previous years as well many new volunteers, and even people who are just curious. We will explain lots about our event, distribute materials, and also have quite a lot of fun. There is no need to register your attendance beforehand: please just turn up.

007 WMDF “Staff Meeting”
Time: 4/24(Thu)18:30〜20:00
Place: Hakodate Machi Tsukuri Center
Who: WMDF volunteer staff, and those with an interest in becoming staff
What: Preparation work for Opening Live Tour, WMDF explanation, and more
Organisers: “Worlds Meet Japan” General Incorporated Association
Contact: Hitococohi, 0138-51-5727

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