Staff Meetings 2016

Preparations have been continuing apace for 2016, and the other day we held our first staff meeting. Thanks to many new faces for turning up!

WMDF likes the lively and interactive, so we held our 1-minute “speed date”: two circles with newcomers on the outside and old hands on the inside, the inner group moving every 60 seconds. So in 40 minutes, 1500 meetings and conversations: roughly the same number of artists that have come to our festivals over the last 8 years. Looks like fun, doesn’t it?


We will be making the first artist lineup announcement really soon on this site, but staff get a sneak preview of our international lineup. Here is the director introducing the groups:


WMDF staff organisation revolves around “han” that have different responsibilities. The han leaders gave quick explanations of their activities, and we split to work on tasks. We are definitely looking for more volunteers, so if you have an interest, please check out the recruiting page, were you can register:

The next important date is the staff meeting on  Jun 30 (Thu)  from 18:30 in the Machi-Tsukuri Center in Juujigai.  Also check out our “Worlds Meet Bar” event on Jun 26 (Sun). See you soon!

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