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008 International Group Profile: Indonesia

July is here. WMDF is getting closer and closer. Today’s weather in Hakodate is wet and rainy, so the famous night view is not visible… We hope it improves for this year’s group from Indonesia, as one of their activities is an audience participation “kecak” dance on top of Hakodate mountain! If you are interested in taking part, check out this link with details of the workshops.

Warna Indonesia


“Warna Indonesia” (literally “Indonesian colors”) is a group of skilled performers who specialise in a wide variety of Indonesian performing arts, all working and learning together under the motto of providing an ‘Indonesian touch on arts and culture.’ They also actively investigate other cultures to find common ground, and to promote ‘Peace and love’ through arts. Established in the year 1990 by Ms. Tanti Horii, and Mr. Ai Syarif, the group now has many members who are also skilled professional performers and individuals in their own rights.

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