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“Opening Live Two-days” Announces 007 Groups

WMDF 007 is under way! We were treated to three 45-minute performances by Coloridas, Kanran, and Chopiin. Join us for Day 2 tomorrow, when Hinoki-ya will also be performing. Audience members receive fliers and posters for this year’s main event in August, and can also buy advance Sponsor Pass exchange tokens for August. Our mini-Mogu area kept audience fuelled with food and drink, and included a display of large posters announcing the international groups that will be coming this August. Online announcement will follow soon, after the Opening Live has closed.


It was a Picture…


In the first “Festival Daigaku” photo class, our pro cameraman Hideyuki Enomoto showed us 150 of his pictures of previous WMDFs and then used them as examples to talk about six topics: focus, exposure, blurring, colour/white balance, composition, light quality.

As well as photography, we learnt lots about events, and about very expensive cameras. You can join us for the second lesson of the series on July 4th, even if you didn’t attend today. Bring your camera, because it will be workshop-based.

Full details and online application form are at this (Japanese) link on the Worlds Meet Japan web site.


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