Staff Meeting-Feb.18th

Hello, everyone! How are you?
We had a meeting on February 18th.
First of all, Hinokiya and Takuma told us about Taiwan.
They went there and met Bunun again.
They also met Ami people and explaind about Hakodate city, this festival etc.
I think they learned something important to make this festival fun, exciting, enjoyable, interesting and success.
We tried tea and sweets they bought in Taiwan.
They were deeelicious!!

After that, we learned about LONG NOW from Ian.
He gave us a piece of paper and we wrote down self-introduction.
Then, we exchanged it with a person who rarely talk with.
We read another person’s introduction and counted the number of past, present future things.
He hoped us to think about future.
This year’s theme is LONG NOW.

Some member of the staff have blog ID so that you can check their profiles in advance.
I hear the flu is going around. Please take care of yourself.

Next meeting will be held on March 4th, Wednesday.
See you at 7p.m. at Machidukuri Center.

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