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Publicising WMDF

Our Festival is now linked at Kadmus Arts. Once our new web site is up, we will also need to publicise the link on other sites that promote events and tourism. All suggestions
gratefully received.

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Sponsor Recruiting News article2009/1/31

This article appeared in the Hokkaido Shimbun recently. I hope it helps us with recruiting sponsors.  Since Hakodate-shi is now trying to find many tens of millions yen in sponsorship for its 150th celebrations, our task may not be so easy, but I think we can offer sponsors some very good value. We will be making a total of 30,000 posters and fliers, and 10,000 festival guides.


Staff Meeting-Jan.27

Hello, Everyone!  How are you?
I’m very sorry for late renewal.

I thought all staff was nervous at the meeting.
Because a TV crew came and took a video.

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