Serkan Kaplan, Turkey


In Serkan Kaplan’s brand of human puppetry, the performances are solo but there will appear to be two people. He is visiting WMDF with the support of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and has also toured in Greece, Hungary, Russia, Albania, Honk Kong, Malaysia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Macau.

You can find him at the Eudora stage and in the Chara area, performing his repertoire of dances that includes “Kures”, a performance that is inspired by Turkey’s traditional culture of belt wrestling, “Catal Oglan”, a performance traditionally associated with weddings and celebrations, and “Iki Asuk”, a performance that enacts the scene of a girl and a boy that are in love.

He will also be holding workshops illustrating the traditional folk dances of the north of Turkey, especially dances that take their inspiration from the shimmying of silvery anchovy fish, which are found in great abundance in the Black Sea.